What's your credit score?
This will auto setup the best set of products for you in the app
Smart Cash
for Credit Cards
$25,000 at 14% APR to auto payoff
cards and earn back interest.
No fees, no tricks.
Payoff any credit card balance using your low interest credit line from Placid. Your cards immediately get lower APR, and your monthly card bills go down. Keep using your cards normally and watch your savings go up. No fees!
Payoff cards easily
No Annual Fees.
No Origination Fees.
Just No Fees.
Is using Placid safe?
Placid meets the highest security and privacy standards of the banking industry and works with the most reliable data providers, like Plaid and Equifax. Your data safety is our top priority, and we use the strongest encryption and anonymize data whenever possible.
How does Placid affect my credit score?
Placid improves your credit score in most cases.† Placid prevents late payments and reduces the amount of debt on your cards, reducing their utilization, which has a great positive effect on your credit score. You can improve the score further by paying on time to Placid.

No fees are charged If you're late with your repayments to Placid, but your credit score will be negatively affected.
I have issues with the app. What do I do?
If your app is loading normally, please reach out through the built-in support chat. If the app is not loading, ping us over the email support@placid.money. Support team will get back to you as soon as possible.
Who is Placid good for?
If you ever have unpaid credit card balances and/or actively use multiple credit cards, Placid is for you! Placid is great at making your credit cards much cheaper and stress-free.
What are the requirements to use Placid?
Placid runs a soft credit check to verify you're in good credit standing. FICO above 600 is required.

Features like cash rewards and auto investing are only available to customers who have at least 3 months of history with us.
Is Placid a bank?
No, Placid is a technology company. We provide our customers with tools and capital to make credit cards cheaper and more convenient.

Placid is built by a team of veterans from global banks like Citi and world-class software engineers. We're on a mission to help people use debt in a way to become better off financially.
How does Placid make money?
14% APR (which is the same as interest rate) is charged on balances transferred to Placid credit line from your cards. Only high APR balances that cost you interest are transferred, so you always save money with Placid.**
** Actual savings depend on user's card APRs. Placid credit line APR (which is the same as interest rate) for balance transfers is 14%.

If user's APR is 34%, total balance is $10,000 and fixed monthly payments are $384, user's interest expense until full payoff would be $8,401 vs. $1,990 with Placid. If user's APR is 24%, total balance is $10,000 and fixed monthly payments are $300, user's interest expense until full payoff would be $6,644 vs. $2,737 with Placid.

† Credit score stability/improvement is not guaranteed. Credit scores are independently determined by credit bureaus, and on-time payment history is only one of many factors that such bureaus consider. Your credit score may be negatively impacted by other financial decisions you make, or by activities or services you engage in with other financial services organizations.

†† We top up your rewards account with points every time you pay your Placid Bill on time. You can use your rewards freely at any time, including using them to reduce your balance with Placid.

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