Free Cash for Card Bills
Up to $500 at 0% APR
Hassle-Free Card Bill Pay
One bill for all cards, flexible due date
Security-first with
Free yearly subscription worth $60
Up to $500
at 0% APR
Cash comes a bit later than expected? We'll pay your card bills when they due and you'll pay us back up to 30 days later. No interest charged!
We pay your card bills with our money and make sure you never hit an overdraft or a late payment fee. You reimburse us when it works for you from any of your accounts.
One Bill.
No Fees.
Set autopay above minimum payments and see how much you save on interest with accelerated payoff.
Auto Payoff.
Auto offload up to $500 from your cards to us to protect your score if card utilization goes up. No interest charged!
Protect Your
Credit Score
Coming Soon
We love
when you stay on track!
Get cash rewards for paying off
on interest
Auto transfer
high APR balances
to a low APR credit line
Easily build savings
to stop rolling balances
for good!
Auto invest
the cash
you save
We notify you on all transactions we schedule and execute. Choose an account to pay us back to have everything on autopilot. We guarantee you'll never hit a late payment or an overdraft fee.
your cards

auto paid

in 3 minutes
How it Works
Download the app, securely connect your cards through Plaid and get a 0% APR credit line ready to pay your card bills. We check the eligibility with a soft credit pull that doesn't affect your credit score.
and adjust
your progress
Choose how much to pay above minimum payments, set a single bill due date that works for you, enable credit score auto protection, and track your accelerated payoff and interest savings.
Is Placid a bank?
Placid is a technology company and a government-licensed money lender. We provide our customers with tools and capital to make credit cards cheaper and more convenient.

Placid is run by a team of veterans from global banks like Citi and Nordea and world class software engineers. We are on a mission to make card debt more fair and cheaper for those who need it most and to help people leverage card debt to become better off financially.
How does Placid make money?
We charge a small monthly subscription.
Is using Placid safe?
We meet the highest security and privacy standards of the banking industry. We use the strongest encryption and anonymize data whenever possible.

We guarantee compensation for any errors and associated expenses caused by using Placid.
Does Placid affect my credit score?
In most cases, Placid improves your credit score. We prevent late payments and reduce the amount of debt on your cards, which has a great positive effect on the score. You can improve the score further with no late payments on the Placid credit line.

We don't charge fees If you're late with payments to Placid, but your credit score will be negatively affected.
Who is Placid good for?
If you actively use multiple credit cards or roll credit card balance - Placid is for you! Placid is great at making your credit cards hassle-free and cheaper.

There are no pre-requisites to using Placid - no minimum credit score, card balance or other constrains.
Free yearly subscription worth $100
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