Turn your credit card interest expense into cash savings
Connect your cards to a low interest credit line. Pay off card balances, cut interest and fees and grow the cash you save. Get more cash rewards for paying off debt faster.
Bank-level security
No credit score cutoff
Real cash savings

Move expensive balances to a low interest rate credit line provided to you.

Automatically prevent late fees and over-the-limit fees on any connected card.

Connect the credit line to a debit card you like and save on annual credit card fees.
Cut up to 70% of interest and all fees on your credit cards
Automatically deposit what you save on interest and fees from the balance payments you make.

Use your FDIC-insured deposit as an emergency fund, a downpayment or any other way at any time.

Automatically optimize savings and pay off time.

Coming soon - invest from your deposit into stocks, directly or through 401k, commission-free.
Save cash while paying off debt faster
Monthly payment
Placid would deposit $72 out of every payment and pay the rest to the credit card. Fees assume $100 annual fee, one $37 late fee and one $37 over-the-limit fee every 24 months.
Pay off months
Fees paid
Get cheap cash on demand
Get up to $200 cash advance with no fees.

Apply for a low interest rate personal loan with one tap.

Get an extra zero interest rate month for your cards.

Convert credit line balance to fixed installments with even lower interest rate.
Get a clear picture of all balances and how they change.

Pay for all cards with a single monthly payment on the day you choose.

Follow suggested payments to maximize your savings.

Track and improve your credit score with lower card balances and no late payments.
Easily mange debt
Download Placid app and connect your cards and accounts through your online bank. It's completely secure.
Add cards and accounts
Activate your credit line
Apply for a credit line from the app. We'll ask you for an ID to present. No paperwork needed.
Check the auto setup
Check, adjust and approve suggested payment amounts and schedules.
How it works
Watch your savings grow
Keep using cards as usual and celebrate your savings going up and card balances going down.
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