No more high APRs
Get 12% APR on any credit card you use
Security-first with
Takes 20 seconds, just leave an email.
Only 100 spots available.
You pay on time, Placid co-pays 1.2%
Get cash rewards for paying off
on low APR
Automatically reduce APR on card balances you carry. Keep using your cards.**
Easily build assets. It's the best way to stop rolling balances for good.
Auto invest
the cash
you save
Use Placid for 3 Months.
Let the Magic Begin.
Autopay your card bills out of Placid pocket. First $500 are interest-free and only 12% APR if you need more! Repay Placid later 14 to 45 days later. You'll never hit a late payment or an overdraft fee.
your cards

auto paid

in 3 minutes
How it Works
Download the app, securely connect your cards and get a 12% APR credit line ready to offload your expensive balances. Placid instantly checks your eligibility with a soft credit pull that doesn't affect your credit score.
and adjust
your progress
Set how much to pay above minimum payments every month and track your accelerated payoff and interest savings. Watch you savings grow without you spending more.
What a find!

Neat stuff - autopays all cards with their money + they give extra few hundred bucks every month to pay off, so save on interest, cause they don't charge interest. thye claim no interest is not a promo, forever, will see. subscriptions is reasonable - $5 (actually 0.99 initially)
Mayen Jankovicziawk

I Like these guys are humble and upfront about being early in the market and willing to listen and work with me. The idea is cool - I got approved for $400 that are used to pay cards. My min payments are about 150, so I put another 100 to pay more every month - with their money! There's subscription, sure, but it's $1 so far, will be 5 later, but it's crazy cheap, totally worth it.
Quayshun Cleimentbdhox
Too good to be true?

The deal is they gave me $350 to cover bills. and I can pay later with one payment. convenient. BUT the real deal is that I only pay like $200 per month. so free credit for another $150 ANF bill pay. didn't ask for fico! I mean if it all works it's seriously too good to be true, but hey already made the first card payment for me as advetized, so fingers crossed.
Terranesha Colwelllsqz
Cool stuff

Looks very useful! Decided to give a try as Placid promises up to extra 45 day to pay my card bills using their money > not charging me upfront lump sum or small amounts. On-boarding was smooth and relatively fast. What I really liked so far and why I've decided to leave review early, the app brings a lot of transparency to credit cards I own: can see in one place all balances, upcoming monthly payments and APRs. If this Placid bill pay feature works as promised it will take away a lot of stress and headaches for me. Can't wait to see it.
Senthu Hunt
Is Placid a bank?
No, Placid is a technology company and a money lender. We provide our customers with tools and capital to make credit cards cheaper and more convenient.

Placid is run by a team of veterans from global banks like Citi and world class software engineers. We are on a mission to help people leverage debt to become better off financially.
How does Placid make money?
We charge a $4.99 monthly subscription fee.

We also charge a low interest rate on large balances transferred to us from your cards. We only transfer expensive balances, so that our users always save money.**
Is using Placid safe?
We meet the highest security and privacy standards of the banking industry. We use the strongest encryption and anonymize data whenever possible.
Does Placid affect my credit score?
In most cases, Placid improves your credit score. We prevent late payments and reduce the amount of debt on your cards, which has a great positive effect on the score. You can improve the score further by paying on time to Placid.

We don't charge any fees If you're late with payments to Placid, but your credit score will be negatively affected.
Who is Placid good for?
If you actively use multiple credit cards or roll credit card balance, Placid is for you. Placid is great at making your credit cards hassle-free and cheaper.
What are the requirements to use Placid?
No minimum credit score or card balance is required, but we run a soft credit check to verify you're in good standing and open a credit line for you when you start using our bill pay features.

Features like cash rewards, lower card APRs and auto investing are only available to customers who have at least 3 months of history with us.
Why should I invest the money I save on interest?
Card debt tends to come back even after a full payoff. Credit cards is a lucrative business for banks for a reason.

Sufficient savings and investments lower the chances of getting into debt again. They improve financial stability and reduce the stress of debt. But they also take time and resources to build.

Placid helps build your investments without any extra spending or changes to how spend and use your cards. We make balancing between payoff and savings easy and help you seamlessly build wealth over time with regular investments.
No more high APRs!
Takes 20 seconds, just leave an email.
Only 100 spots available.
Join Placid
No more high APRs
What’s your FICO score?
What’s your total credit card balance?
I agree that Placid will inform me by e-mail about financial products and services. My data will be used exclusively for this purpose.
* 0% APR is applied to up to $500 that is used for paying monthly payments or reducing card utilizations. The number of extra days to pay off varies from 14 to 45, depending on the due dates of connected cards. Larger credit amounts and rolling payoff terms require additional user qualification.

** Actual savings depend on user's card APRs. Placid credit line APR (which is the same as interest rate) for balance transfers is 12%.

If user's APR is 34%, total balance is $10,000 and fixed monthly payments are $384, user's interest expense until full payoff would be $8,401 vs. $1,642 with Placid, which is 80.5% less. If user's APR is 24%, total balance is $10,000 and fixed monthly payments are $300, user's interest expense until full payoff would be $6,644 vs. $2,225 with Placid, which is 66.5% less.

† Placid tops up your rewards account with 0.1% of the balance you have with Placid every time you pay your Placid Bill on time. You can use your rewards freely at any time, including using them to reduce your Placid Bill.

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